Ashlynn grew up in Southern California, where she spent most of her youth writing stories and drawing maps of places that didn't exist. 


​At eighteen, she moved to Hollywood, purchased a motorcycle, and became a stunt double for kids. When the writer's strike halted studio production, Ashlynn found herself without a job and a lot of free time. 


She created her own production company and started writing for online contests, winning several awards for the web series she wrote and produced. After the company disbanded, her need to write continued to grow, and she submitted her first book, titled The Jasper, on Wattpad, where she became a featured writer on the platform and won a Watty Award.


Her short story, The Westbury Faery, was then published by Tiny Owl Workshop, an award-winning micro-publisher based in Brisbane.

Ashlynn is now pursuing a writing career full-time. She's currently traveling the world and editing her debut novel, Blood Lies. 


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