Blood Lies

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After breaking curfew one night to sneak into a club, Elise Folwer interrupts an attempted murder and saves the life of a stranger.

Cade Halevi is both mysterious and alluring. With his serpentine eyes, dark skin, and mesmerizing voice, he's more than irresistible; he's dangerous. 

As the body count starts piling up, Elise realizes her decision to save his life has deadly consequences. Cade isn't who he says he is, he's not even human, but when her best friend is kidnapped by hunters, Elise has no other choice but to ask for his help. 

Fueled by his desire for revenge, Cade promises to repay his life debt to Elise and save her friend, but there's something else Cade isn't telling her, and when his dark secrets start to unravel, Elise isn't sure she'll make it out alive.

Ashlynn is also writing a spicy romance. Those of you who follow her on TikTok might have a good guess as to what this story is about.  Further announcements TBA!

Secret Project

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