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Blood Lies

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After breaking curfew one night to sneak into a goth club, seventeen-year-old Elise Fowler interrupts an attempted murder and unknowingly saves a vampire's life.

Cade Halevi is both mysterious and alluring. With his serpentine eyes, dark skin, and mesmerizing voice, he's more than irresistible; he's dangerous. 

A trail of blood and violence follows him wherever he goes, and Elise, who was used to being ignored and forgotten, now finds herself in the center of a supernatural conspiracy. 

Labeled a vampire sympathizer, Elise is now being hunted. The only person she can count on is her best friend Skylar, but when he gets kidnapped, Elise has no choice but to ask for Cade's help. 

Fueled by his desire for revenge, Cade promises to repay his life debt to Elise and vows to save her friend- but at what cost? There's something Cade isn't telling her, and when his dark secrets begin to unravel, Elise realizes too late that her decision to trust a vampire will have deadly consequences. 

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