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Beta Sign-Up's

Join the team and sign up to be a Beta Reader for Blood Lies.

What is a Beta Reader? 

The role of a Beta Reader is to read a pre-edited version of a book within a given deadline and provide helpful insight on how the author might improve important elements of the story, such as characters, setting, and plot. Beta Readers should give the author honest, precise, and constructive criticism of their work, and the author may make changes to the story based on the feedback received.


Are There Trigger Warnings?

Blood Lies comes with trigger warnings, so make sure you note them before agreeing to become a Beta. Blood Lies is rated mature for content that includes drug use, murder, language, and SH themes. If you are a person who struggles with SH, this book can be upsetting or triggering and may not be the right fit for you. 

3   \   How Many Beta Readers Will You Choose?

I plan on accepting five Beta Readers from the list. People who are subscribers will be considered first. Everyone else will be placed on a waiting list for Arc Readers in the future. 

4   \   What Is The Deadline?

The deadline for Betas will be ___ ____. Signing up means you agree to read the entire book and complete any notes by that date. 

5   \   When Will You Choose Your Betas?

I will contact all of my Betas by August ___via email to ensure they are available and committed to reading my book and giving their notes back to me in the appropriate timeline. Once I've locked down my chosen five, I will announce the decisions on social media. 

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Blood Lies Beta Sign-Ups

Thanks for submitting!
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