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Book Covers

If you’re an indie author like me, you probably have limited financial resources. I can’t afford to pay $500 or more on a professional book cover (not yet anyway), so I decided to invest in photoshop and make my own. Yes, it’s learning a new skill set, but making book covers is fun, and if you publish a lot of books, learning how to design your own covers may save you a lot of money in the future.

If you're interested in making your own book covers, then continue reading, my friend. This blog post will cover some basics that you'll need to know to get started.

Stock Photos VS Public Domain Photos

Stock Photos are royalty-free images you pay to download that you can use for book cover designs or other projects. This fee can give you the exclusive rights to that particular image, maintaining the “uniqueness” of the photos you decide to use.

Public Domain images are free from copyright, which means you don't need to pay a fee to use them for personal or commercial purposes. However, public domain images do not include all the security factors of a stock photo. Another problem with using free stock is that you’re going to see other people using the same images as well.

Read more about Stock photography and usage rights here.

Youtube Tutorial

Youtube is full of different photoshop tutorials, but this one really helped me out, and it was easy to follow:

Recommended Book Cover Dimensions

  • Kindle Direct Publishing recommended size — 2,560 x 1,600 (1.6:1 aspect ratio)

  • Novels and Non-Fiction — 2,560px x 1,600px (1.5:1 aspect ratio)

  • Illustrated Books — 2,800px x 3,920px (1.4:1 aspect ratio) or 3,000px x 3,600px (1.2:1 aspect ratio)

  • Audiobooks — 3,200px x 3,200px (1:1 aspect ratio)

Here are three book cover samples that I made after my first week of learning photoshop:

I'm using these images as examples to show you that learning photoshop is not impossible! I used the same resources I'm sharing with you now, and it only took a week of my time. Hopefully, this gives you the inspiration you need to make your own covers as well. With a little practice, we'll only get better.

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