• Ashlynn Crow

20 Resources For Writers

Here are 20 helpful resources for writers who are ready to start promoting their books, and for those of you who are searching for that perfect cover artist or book editor.

If you're still in the beginning phases of writing your novel and need some tools to improve your grammar or you need a fun map generator, I recommend you stop by my other blog post here.

Book Cover Mock-Ups


Adazing can be used to create an ebook mock-up of your book covers, so you can see what the finished product could look like and market your book on social media. This product they offer is not for free. You can certainly upload your images to the site for free and see the results, but if you want to use any of them for social media, you'll have to pay a fee and also give them your email address.


Photoshop is a must for those of you who can create their own covers/mock-ups. ( I do ) Photoshop is something that you have to pay for, but it's a great investment.


Canva is FREE!!! Canva is a drag and drop format that provides access to over a million photographs, graphics, and fonts. There are templates that you can pay for as well, but they have enough variety that you don't need to purchase anything if you're low on cash.


The Image Apothecary has a large collection of stylized stock photos that are ready to use on all social media platforms. Some of their templates will acquire Adobe Photoshop to use properly, but they do offer assistance if you do not have the software to insert them yourself. Please check out their FAQ's page for more information and prices.

Purchase Professional Book Covers


This man's cover art is amazing. He's done the art to several series that I personally enjoyed reading. I love all of his covers, and I hope to purchase from him in the future.


Hampton is a book cover artist and graphic designer who works with your budget.


MoorBooks Design is a design studio that specializes in making custom book covers.


Book cover design services for indie authors, email support, and iterative design.


She's an affordable cover artist for writers on a budget. I purchased a cover from Mulan once before. She was easy to work with and had quick responses.


Fiverr is an online marketplace for freelance services. They can offer more than just graphic designs.


Similar to Fiverr, this platform also connects graphic designers with clients.


Reedsy has professional book cover designers with experience in every genre. They also have editors and marketing professionals.


Books made awesome, specialist book cover designs for bestselling books.


Beautiful ebook and print cover designs.


Need a cover design on a budget? Customize template book covers for your books.

Book Editors In The Instagram Community


Whitney and her husband Travis, are an editing team. I met Whitney on Instagram, and she's a lovely human who cares deeply for other people. I'm sure they both will put in a 100% for you and your novel.


This little lady edits fiction and non-fiction books, and her rates are affordable.


Professional, affordable copy-editing, and proofreading services.


Ines is a formatter with a professional background and education in publishing. She offers book formatting services to self-published authors.


Enchanted Ink Publishing was created by indie author Natalia Leigh, and her company offers editing and book design services.

If You're Making Your Own Book Covers

There are thousands of websites where you can purchase stock photos or even download free images to use in your book covers. If you're going to make your own covers, and you are planning to purchase your stock photos, be sure you read the fine print on the license.

A friend of mine who's a graphic designer mentioned that most stock photos are licensed for a single project or use. Meaning, you may only have permission to use that cover for one printing, for one release (if online), and in one format. Once you change the format (ebook to an audiobook, for example, or a second printing), technically, you have to pay for it again. You can purchase the unlimited license, which will include all future uses of a photo, but it's often 3 or 4 times more expensive.

He also mentions that any free images you use, to make sure that they have CC rights to them. (Creative Commons rights are completely safe to use.) Still, they are often attribution requirements or manipulation restrictions involved. So, read the rules carefully, and read what type of CC rights are attached to an image before using it.