• Ashlynn Crow

Why Do We Feel Guilty For Taking Breaks?

Whenever I take breaks, I have to fight off that feeling of guilt for not using that precious time to accomplish a goal instead.

Chances are, you do it too. You may feel horrible anxiety for using your one day off to sleep in, watch cartoons, or even visit a friend instead of getting ahead on your workload.

Why do we feel all this guilt for taking some time for ourselves?

Here's why:

  • Fear Of Failure: The society in which we grew up has us believing that we need to be constantly working, 24/7, to be viewed as successful.

We often set unachievable standards because we believe we should be perfect. We think that if we allow ourselves to take breaks, it means we are failures.

I always have to remind myself that taking breaks is not a sign of laziness, or not wanting my goals enough, or not being good enough to achieve them.

In fact, taking breaks makes us more productive, more creative, and more open to new ideas. I'm not just talking about a 20-minute rest here or there. (although this has proven to boost my word count during long writing sprints.)

The type of break I'm talking about is good quality sleep. It's about having time for personal development and spiritual growth. It's about taking your days off to do nothing in particular and spending the holidays with loved ones. It's about making space for yourself, for your friends, and definitely for romance.

Taking these types of breaks will help us reset, recharge, and avoid burnout road. Life is much more than working overtime and giving more of yourself to people who don't appreciate the extra effort.

Work is always going to demand more and more from you, and if you don't set boundaries and give yourself the time to rest, you'll break.

I know from personal experience, and to keep up with the demands of work in the long term, we must first and always take care of our mental and physical health.

So take your breaks. You deserve them.