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Why should my subscribers whitelist me?

So, you signed up for my monthly newsletter, and now they're arriving in your spam folder. How do we fix this?

Despite my best efforts to make my campaigns as inbox-friendly as possible, sometimes my newsletter gets flagged as potential spam or hidden away as junk mail. To ensure my emails never get lost again, you can whitelist me.

Not sure what that is? No worries, I'm here to explain that to you.

To whitelist an email address means you add them to your approved sender's list. This tells your email provider that you know this sender and trust them. In short, whitelisting improves deliverability, which will keep my emails at the top of your inbox and out of your spam folder.

Whitelisting an email address is pretty straightforward. Here are a few images to help explain how to keep my newsletters and other email addresses you want to see from being flagged.

Click on the email you want to whitelist, then click on the name of sender and select "add this sender to contacts list."

This might not stop Gmail from sending these emails to the Promotions tab, so take one extra step. Go back to the Promotions tab and drag my email into the Primary Inbox tab. Gmail will ask if you want to send all emails from this sender to the Primary Inbox. Click Yes.

There you have it. I hope this helped you, and if you're not already a subscriber, go ahead and sign up now!

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